Do you want to develop an effective offshore strategy that will give you a stronger edge over your competitors? Are you looking for professional advice to optimize new or existing marine projects? Dutch Marine Contractors is well-equipped to handle any and all questions you may encounter.


Over the years, DMC has developed an extensive in-house knowledge base that covers almost all maritime topics. This knowledge base is further backed up by a robust network of partners, agencies and specialists in the marine and offshore industry. Whether you need advice on the legal framework for a new partnership or wish to determine the optimal management strategy for an upcoming project, our team will help you find the best solutions and synergies. 
How can DMC assist you?
When it comes to maritime projects, no two cases are the same. DMC has developed its consultancy services accordingly. This allows us to provide in-depth advice regarding:
  • Crewing solutions;
  • Offshore installation; 
  • Project management;
  • Legal matters;
  • Salvage;
  • Pre-purchase/charter survey’s;
  • Ship valuation reports;
  • Factory to Foundation transport solutions.
Naturally, we are not limited to these areas of expertise. Our strong network of specialists enables us to connect you to any know-how you seek.
Professional advice with a personal touch
Good advice requires mutual understanding. That’s why we choose to cultivate close personal relationships with our clients; DMC favors a proactive approach in marine consultancy. We work diligently to get you closer to your goals, maintaining intensive contact throughout. This brings numerous benefits, not least of which is trust – you can always be certain that the success of your project is our top priority.
Would you like to know how Dutch Marine Contractors can assist your business, or do you have a specific case you would like to discuss with us? Please feel free to contact our team for anything.