Securing access to high-quality resources is of vital importance to any marine or offshore project. Whether you are setting up a new maritime project or managing an existing one, you’ll always need to find the right equipment, vessels, personnel and services for the job. Sourcing these resources can be challenging – balancing costs and revenue even more so. Dutch Marine Contractors can provide you with tailor-made brokerage services. 
Which services does DMC provide?
The maritime marketplace is a 24/7 global economy. In order to react quickly and effectively to opportunities and changes, you need round-the-clock, worldwide access to the best assets and services. DMC understands this. Our brokerage network allows us to supply:
  • Tugboats, workboats, anchor handler tugs and suppliers;
  • Offshore installations and support vessels;
  • Flat top barges, semi-sub barges, jack-up barges, accommodation barges;
  • Crew tenders;
  • Heavy lift transportation vessels.
We have the connections and expertise necessary to ensure that you will always have what you need to keep moving forward.

Are you looking for a specific vessel or any other equipment to fulfill your needs? Please contact the team at DMC. We will help you find the optimal resource mix for your project.