Over the years, the world’s marine and offshore industries have evolved. Clients have developed more detailed expectations; their needs have become more exacting and demanding. At the same time, the marketplace remains awash with new opportunities – especially in the medium-sized markets, which are still underserved when it comes to strategic solutions.

This insight inspired DMC to develop a new approach to marine contracting – one that balances assets and services in an innovative, cost-effective method. We believe all marine and offshore sectors should be able to rely on reliable, high-quality solutions that can be tailored to any need. 

That’s what we strive to provide – one course for every direction. 

DMC supports and facilitates marine projects through Commercial Shipmanagement, Consultancy and Brokerage. We specialize in medium-size marine and offshore markets and provide services, solutions and synergies that are tailored to the needs of our clients. DMC has the experience necessary to serve the offshore oil and gas, offshore wind, marine construction, dredging and heavy lift transportation sectors.

Forging strong strategic alliances in marine and offshore markets requires specialist knowledge and intelligent solutions. Our large and diverse network of strategic partners allows us to create better opportunities and synergies for our clients. 
Our personal approach, however, remains our foremost strength. In a business where people make the difference, you can always count on us to be personally involved in your success.
DMC believes that the best way to keep our clients’ marine projects and interests on course is to look ahead. The maritime market will continue to offer new challenges – and we want to ensure you’re always in the best position to meet them. That’s why we will continue to build our assets and forge the long-term partnerships needed to keep you headed in the right direction.

M +31 6 5066 2490 | T +31 20 3080 899

As a former Chief Marine Engineer and with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, Timon van der Vlies worked, in various commercial roles, for several main players in the maritime industry and has developed an extensive network of international contacts, allowing him to provide clients the services and synergies they seek.

M +31 6 2020 1915 | T +31 20 3080 899

Sander Maurick has gained experience as a shipping agent, tug broker and chartering manager. He is well experienced in BIMCO contracts and combines his strong, divers network with the ability to provide tailor made solutions and act quickly when and where needed.



Pieter-Bas van Duijvenbode
M +31 6 5546 0147 | T +31 20 3080 899


After first doing maritime college and a degree in Logistics Engineering Pieter-Bas van Duijvenbode has a strong affinity with the Maritime Industry. Working for well-known organizations active in the offshore market he was commercially responsible for a versatile fleet of tugs and barges. Experienced in contracting, familiar in the business, with the drive and focus to find new opportunities by establishing and maintaining relations.


Anca Juncu
T +31 20 3080 899


After working in various international companies like bank, energy sector, hardware and gaining experience in many fields, Anca Maria Juncu has been part of the team from the beginning. As Office-Financial Manager she is involved with all the projects and making sure all clients and tug owners are enjoying working with DMC.