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Commercial Shipmanagement
Managing the complexities of chartering, operations and routing can be a costly and time-consuming process in today’s dynamic economy. Ship owners must seek to maximize revenue and minimize costs, while simultaneously retaining the ability to react quickly to changes in the market – a challenging proposition. Fortunately, Dutch Marine Contractors can help. We can provide full commercial management for various types of ships, from tugs, barges and crew boats to supply vessels and guard vessels.
DMC has developed a substantial in-house knowledge base regarding marine and offshore industries and applications. In addition, our large network of partners and contacts gives us direct access to a wealth of maritime expertise that spans almost every conceivable topic. By utilizing these assets, DMC is able to provide professional, in-depth consultancy services in any scenario you may encounter. 

In order to ensure the success of your maritime projects, you need reliable access to the right mix of equipment, vessels, skills and services. DMC’s brokerage services provide this access. Our extensive network of ship owners and operators gives us the ability to negotiate and allocate your vital project resources anywhere in the world. With a strong focus on quality and safety and a uniquely personal style of doing business, Dutch Marine Contractors has what it takes to support your projects on a 24/7 basis.