Commercial Shipmanagement

Maximizing the efficiency of maritime operations can be a daunting task. As a ship owner, there are many variables to manage – dealing with port agencies and suppliers, managing charters, brokering resources and streamlining the voyage itself are just a few examples of the complexities of commercial ship management. To achieve optimal revenue and keep cost at a minimum, you must be able to deal with any eventuality quickly and efficiently.

Dutch Marine Contractors is perfectly equipped to handle the many challenges and responsibilities involved in Commercial Shipmanagement. Our team will provide a full solution that is tailored to your needs, allowing you to focus your attention elsewhere without worrying about the continuity of your commercial and day-to-day operations. In addition, our customized CRM system will grant you unprecedented control over your business interests.
What can DMC do for you?
DMC handles Commercial Shipmanagement for a growing number of ship owners. In our capacity as Commercial Managers, we: 
  • Determine marketing and sales strategies;
  • Participate in various tenders;
  • Prepare commercial offers;
  • Negotiate contracts and terms; 
  • Prepare daily reports;
  • Prepare all relevant invoices and financial reports;
  • Serve as a 24/7 first point of contact for charterers.

Thanks to our broad professional experience and knowledge of offshore and marine industries, we can easily extend these services to your business. 

Find the right solution
More than anything, Commercial Shipmanagement depends on trust – you need to know that your partners are reliable, dependable and committed to your goals. Dutch Marine Contractors takes this responsibility very seriously. We strive to offer the optimal course for every direction. As a result, we always take a personal approach to your goals, wishes and needs. Our team will work with you closely to determine the best solution for your situation and actively seek out new synergies to give you the advantage you need. 
Would you like to know what DMC can do for you? Contact us and discover how we can support your projects.